Frequently asked Questions

Is Comet a real life kitten?

Yes!  Comet is six-years old now .  He is a lot chunkier and lazier, but still adventurous.  There he is in the real Jelly Jar to the right.

How old were you when you started writing?

I was 10-years-old when I published my first book-"Comet Blasts Off!"

Will you come and visit our school?

Yes!  I visit schools up and down the East Coast at no charge to your school.  I'll read you one of my books and talk to you about writing and publishing.  If you're not too far away from the DC area, Comet will visit too.  

Do you do the pictures?

I sketch an idea on a paper.  It always looks like a scribble.  My illustrator, Melissa Bailey, figures out what I want drawn.  She then makes beautiful watercolor paintings for my books.